By Mark Kenyon

I love Wired To Hunt reader success stories, but I REALLY love Wired To Hunt BOONER stories! Today we’ve got just that, as W2H reader Josh Scriver shared with us the story of his best big buck success to date, as he killed an absolute giant on October 19th. Congrats Josh! – MK

“On October 19th 2013, I shot this big buck 45 minutes after a rain and wind storm came through. It was a cold and miserable sit in the stand. The buck walked down a ridge top logging road and I shot him at six yards in the front shoulder.

I backed out and came back three hours later only to find that my arrow only penetrated 7 inches and a blood trail that stopped at a 100 yards. The next morning with little hope of finding him I walked the easiest route from last blood and found him belly up.

The buck is a main frame 6×6 with split G2’s, split right brow and a kicker off the right main beam. With a green score of 173 7/8″  this is by far my biggest buck. We had no pics of this deer and neither did the neighbors to my knowledge. This buck was shot in La Crosse county Wisconsin.” – Josh Scriver

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 8.44.54 AM