By Mark Kenyon

Today we’ve got a great big buck story from a couple Wired To Hunt readers and aspiring film producers – Mike Mancl and Brennen Nading. These two are filming their hunts this year for their new production The Breaking Point TV, and it seems things are off to a great start. They headed to North Dakota early this season, and right away put a couple good bucks on the ground. Congrats on a great start guys! Here’s the story of this North Dakota double! – MK

“Mike Mancl and Brennen Nading, Co-owners and Executive producers of The Breaking Point had a successful trip out to North Dakota earlier this season.  The boys put in the time, money, and hard work of traveling across a couple states several times throughout the spring and summer to acquire permission on hunting ground and then dialed in on some nice deer.  After knocking on countless doors and getting rejected several times, the guys finally got granted permission on a couple promising farms.  The Antler King mineral got poured to these farms throughout the entire spring and summer as the guys monitored what deer were around and what areas they were using.  As season got closer they had narrowed down their options to where they thought they had the best chance and started throwing Muddy doubles up.

The first night of the season found Brennen in the stand and temperatures in the upper 80s, needless to say, the deer movement was minimal.  A storm moved through the area throughout the night and brought a huge drop in temperature…it went from upper 80s to mid 60s and the second night was looking promising.  It was Mike’s turn to grab the bow and head to the tree.  With a few respectable bucks in the area, they had their eyes on a large mature 6 pointer that was lacking brow tines.  About an hour and a half before dark the big 6 stood up in the cattails a couple hundred yards away and started making his way toward the boys in the tree.  The buck crossed the bean field and worked the edge down past Mike where he put an arrow through him at 20 steps, the buck ran about 50 yards and piled up in the beans.

The following night, and the last night of the trip, found Brennen back in the tree with his bow in hand.  Within a half hour of sitting down in the stand the boys were seeing deer all night long.  With about 15-20 minutes of shooting light remaining, a beautiful North Dakota Velvet buck stepped out of the cattails and into the bean field.  With camera light fading fast Brennen knew that if the buck was going to make it their way he was going to have to do it quick.  Luckily, a doe fed directly underneath the stand and when the buck saw her, he made his way towards the tree.  Brennen heart shot him at 22 steps and he went about 80 yards before crashing into the cattails.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 8.03.16 AM

The Breaking Point is a rather new production that definitely has serious potential to make a big splash in the outdoor television industry.  These boys are mostly based out of Wisconsin but travel the entire U.S. chasing and filming hunts.  Check them out at , look them up on Facebook ,The Breaking Point, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram @BPointTV.