By Mark Kenyon

If you follow our Wired To Hunt Facebook page, you probably know that yesterday was a crazy day for our team! The big news is that W2H teammember Josh Hillyard shot and killed a terrific Ohio whitetail! On top of that though is the fact that the story of this kill interestingly involved both me and Josh, seated 200 yards apart in a crazy way.

I won’t spoil too much of the story, the whole tale will be spun in it’s own article soon. But I wanted to share one little sneak peak at an unbelievable piece of this day.

After Josh shot his buck, I heard crashing behind me about 5 minutes later. I spun around and to my surprise a big buck was running right towards me. Then I saw the coyotes. There were 3 or 4 of them, and they surrounded the buck in the middle of a creek.

From there, things got crazy.

Check out the incredible video clip below and be sure to tune in for our next episode of Wired To Hunt 2013!

More to come on this wild day soon!

(Please note: this “attack” only lasted the 15-20 seconds seen in this clip, after that the coyotes ran off. Don’t want anyone thinking I sat and watched coyotes eat this deer alive for 15 minutes or something. The buck bedded soon after and died.)