By Mark Kenyon

Finally, it arrived. The rut. The superbowl of the whitetail hunter’s season. The time of ultimate possibility. Truly, anything can happen. And this season, we were once again reminded just how true that is.

When we left off last time in Episode #3, our team members Ross, Kendall and Pete were struggling to overcome losing some of their best properties to leasing at the beginning of the season. Now with November finally here, optimism was back in the air and our Iowa team started to see their hard work pay off.

Follow along in this episode as our team experiences the highest of highs and the lowest of lows that November has to offer! As we always do, we show the good, the bad and the ugly of our season. Very rarely do things go quite as we plan or as we want, but that’s hunting and that’s why we’re wired to hunt.

So enjoy and tune in TOMORROW for Part 2!

Click the following link to see Part 2!

Wired To Hunt 2013 – Episode #5: The Rut Is On – Part 2