By Mark Kenyon

Our 2013 rut got kicked off with a bang, as Iowa team member Ross Hausmann arrowed a 141″ 10 pointer in Episode #4 (click here to watch that episode). Now the action continues, as Josh Hillyard and I headed to our Ohio property for a 10 day rut vacation.

Over those 10 days we had good times and bad. Days filled with deer, and days without any at all. Excitement and frustration. Highs and lows. And I guess that’s true with the rut each year. It’s truly a rollercoaster.

In this episode, follow along with us as we ride the rollercoaster over the course of 10 crazy days, ending finally with a finale none of us could have expected.

An incredible encounter, an arrow released. A shocking coyote attack, and finally a happy ending.

Truly, a wild day.


For more details on Josh’s hunt and the events surrounding it, you can read the full details in this post — > First Bow Buck Down For Josh Hillyard