By Mark Kenyon

WTH; a commonly used acronym for “what the heck” or “what the h*ll”

This abbreviation is commonly used in a situation where someone is confused, bewildered, or disbelieving. WTH is going on? WTH are you doing? WTH???

I now would like to add WTR to our hunting abbreviation vocabulary. What the rut?!

When I hear people talking about the rut so far this year, I have to ask, “what rut?”. When I look back on the 2013 rut I’m confused, bewildered and disbelieving.

The 2013 rut has been one of the most disappointing I’ve experienced in a long time. It doesn’t sound like it’s just me either, I’ve heard similar sentiments from numerous others. Rutting activity has been extremely hit or miss, and lacking much of the typical excitement we’ve come to expect from the first few weeks of November. While I’ve hunted 26 of the past 31 days, I think I’ve seen only one mature buck chasing a doe all season and just a couple immature bucks chasing.

Not once did I have one of “those days” where the rut was just popping, and I keep hearing similar comments from hunting buddies and acquaintances. It was definitely disappointing.


Could this just be dumb bad luck, that I just so happened to miss out on the good rutting action? Was I in the wrong stand at the wrong time? Was I on the wrong property? In the wrong state?

Or could it be weather or other conditions? Was it too warm? Too windy? Wrong moon phase?

Or how about the infamous Charles Alsheimer rut predictions? Could he be right? His 2013 predictions called for a “trickle rut”, and I gotta say, that seems to be what I’ve experienced.

I unfortunately don’t have the answer to any of these questions. But they are definitely questions I’m sure many of us will be asking in the days, weeks and months ahead.

So now let me ask you. WTR?

How has your 2013 rut been? What kind of rutting activity did you see? Any ideas as to why it was good or bad this year for you? What time frame did you see the best rutting activity? Lets hear it!

Please share your comments, observations, and questions about the 2013 rut in the comments section!