By Mark Kenyon

As the Christmas shopping season is now officially under way, today we’re kicking off our Gear Week here at Wired To Hunt! Over the coming days we’ll be sharing reviews on some of our favorite whitetail hunting gear, clothing, and accessories. So be sure to check back in, and get working on that Christmas list!

That said, today I thought I’d get us started by sharing a few of what I consider to be great stocking stuffer options for the whitetail addict. These are five items that are big on functionality for a hunter, easy on the budget, and small enough to fit inside of a Christmas stocking. If you’re looking to pick something up for another hunter or are trying to get some ideas to pass along to your parents, wife, etc – take a look at the great stocking stuffers below!

Havalon Piranta Edge Skinning Knife: This knife is by FAR, the best blade I’ve found yet for field dressing a deer or other wild game. It’s essentially a medical scapel, with replaceable blades and it works magic on a whitetail. There aren’t many pieces of gear that I’d say this for, but this is honestly a must have item. Once you use one, you’ll never go back.

Anker Astro Mini Cell Phone Charger: A wise man once said “Give a man a deer and he’ll feed his family for a year. Teach a man to hunt and he’ll sit all day in a tree playing on his cell phone”. Haha, now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are. That said, it’s safe to say that most of us use our smart phones in the tree a lot, and there’s nothing worse than running out of battery in the midst of a long sit in the woods. The Anker Mini is the portable charger my wife picked me up, and I’ve found it to be a life safer. It’s very small, light and easy to use. Best of all, in just a few hours it completely recharges your phone.

Sagen Hunter’s Field Saw: Another tool that I’ve found super helpful in the woods is the Sagen saw. It’s essentially a small bone saw, with a blunted plastic end, that allows you to cut a deer’s pelvis or sternum without puncturing any surrounding organs or tissue. Well worth adding to your assortment of field dressing tools.

Moccasin Joe™ Low-Light Smoke™ Wind Indicator: Being aware of the current wind direction is crucial to whitetail success, and usually I’ve done this with the typical bottle of Hunter’s Specialties windicator or some milkweed. My eyes were opened to a new world though this fall when I traveled to Idaho to hunt elk. There, I was introduced to Moccasin Joe’s low light smoke. Though hard to describe, this windicator is drastically better than the white talcum powder your typical windicator spurts out. Moccasin Joe’s literally looks like liquid smoke, and it’s in a bright color that’s easier to see for longer distances. Highly recommend trying this out.

Energizer 6 LED Headlight: A headlight is an obvious piece of gear that many of us already own, but this year I found out that some are better than others, and it’s not always the ones that cost the most. I own a pretty expensive headlamp from one of the big outdoor brands, but I’ve found that the functionality isn’t living up to the price. You see, my red LEDs are lousy. The red light on my headlamp is what I use when going in/out to hunt (as deer can’t see this wavelength of light), so this is a pretty important feature. My buddy Josh on the other hand owns the Energizer headlight, and his red lights are incredible! When it comes to a hunter’s headlamp, the red LEDs are of utmost importance, and the Energizer has got this covered and at a great price too. I’ll be picking one of these up soon.