By Mark Kenyon

“Lacrosse Boots! … Better off on my feet than yours.”

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This is the ad hoc slogan that, Wired To Hunt teammember and class clown, Peter Lynch jokingly coined in Episode #3 of our online video series while discussing his experiences wearing the new Lacrosse AeroHead boots (fast forward to 7:24 in the episode to see this). And while he was obviously kidding around at this point, what he said just prior to his new slogan was not a joke at all. After hiking in to his stand over two miles from his truck, Peter was pleasantly surprised to realize that his feet and hips still felt good. That’s a two mile hike up and down ridges, through a river, over logs, through the muck and all while hauling a bow, a camera, other filming equipment and all the rest of his hunting gear. It was a serious trek, and one that you would think would leave him sore, blistered and battered unless wearing sturdy hiking boots. But he wasn’t.

Peter was wearing the newest, and in my opinion the best yet, offering from Lacrosse Footwear. The Lacrosse Aerohead Boots.

Given my own experiences wearing these boots for almost a year now, I can say without a doubt that what Peter experienced was not an anomaly. The Lacrosse AeroHead boots are, without a doubt, the best knee high hunting boots for the whitetail hunter I’ve seen yet.

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I know, I know … The Best is a pretty strong claim, but I say this with good reason. The AeroHead is truly a unique boot in the hunting market.

There’s typically not much that can make a pair of knee high rubber boots very unique, but the AeroHeads stand apart from all other offerings the most in one category; and that’s comfort. By far, the AeroHead is the most comfortable knee high hunting boot I have ever worn.

This boot truly wears like a hiking boot. I wore these boots for miles and miles of hiking while shed hunting, turkey hunting, scouting and finally deer hunting. And time and time again, I couldn’t help but remark how surprisingly comfortable these boots were to wear.

At the Archery Trade Association show this past winter, a Lacrosse rep was asking all passer byers to try on a pair of the new AeroHeads. She said that you really needed to try them on to feel how substantial the difference was. At the time, I took a rain check, and assumed they couldn’t feel that different. But boy, was I wrong. You really do need to try these yourself.

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So what makes this boot so comfortable? According to Lacrosse, it’s the new “AeroForm” process which allowed them to mold a liquid polyurethane layer or shell over a neoprene sock or glove type form. What this gets us is the best of both worlds. You have an incredibly light and comfortable fit with the neoprene, and you get the form, support and toughness of the rubber.

The end result is the lightest knee high hunting boots I’ve worn, and a really comfortable, close fit around the foot and ankle. I feel like my ankle has more support in these boots than any others I’ve tried, and I also have found that the back of my heel doesn’t rub nearly as much as it has in other rubber boots. All that said, it’s still easy to take these boots on and off.


In addition to being comfortable, hunting boots need to get you to and from your stand, and keep you out there. To do that they must keep you warm, keep you dry and keep you on your feet. The AeroHead hits the nail on the head for all three of these criteria.

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As to warmth, there are two versions of this boot, one is 3.5mm neoprene and one is 7mm neoprene. I got the 7mm version, as I wanted to make sure I would have the warmth to keep me on stand during the late season in Michigan. Without some kind of Thinsulate insulation, I was a little worried about how warm these boots would keep me, but my concern proved to be unfounded. I’d say that these boots kept me just about as warm as my previous 1200 gram Thinsulate rubber boots. I was perfectly comfortable with a single pair of wool socks in these boots for temperatures down into the 30’s. Once I got into the teens or low 20’s, I found that an extra pair of socks was warranted, but I’m a pretty cold person (aka sissy), so other people may not need that extra layer.

These boots also hold up to their claim of full waterproofness. I’ve crossed puddles, creeks, rivers and swamps and the AeroHeads have kept me nice and dry.

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Last, these boots definitely kept me on my feet. As I mentioned before, the close fitting nature of this boot gave my ankle great support, which is important for me given my history of ankle sprains. Not once this fall did I come even close to rolling my ankle. This boot also has a nice tread, which allowed me to safely go up and down the many ridges and ravines I’ve been hunting in Southern Ohio this year.

Final Thoughts

In short, the Lacrosse AeroHeads truly are the first hunting boots I’ve ever worn that made me excited enough about them to actively mention them to friends and family. Hunting boots are hunting boots, nothing too special as long as they get the job done. But the AeroHeads have changed that belief for me. These are truly different. The difference in comfort is drastic. Really, truly drastic.

That said, I realize nothing I can type can really convey that effectively. So let me say this. If you’re in the market for new hunting boots, just promise me you’ll at least try a pair of AeroHeads on and walk around the store. I honestly believe you’re purchase decision will be made right then and there.

For more information about the Lacrosse AeroHead boots or to pick up a pair for yourself, visit the link below …

Lacrosse AeroHead Boots