By Mark Kenyon

This past November I hunted 26 out of 30 days, and most of those days I spent 13 straight hours in my treestand. When you spend that kind of time on stand, you begin to form a rather close relationship with the stand that you’re sitting in. At the very least, an all day treestand will certainly leave an impression – on your backside that is. Some stands you won’t even notice, those are the good ones. And then there are the bad ones, the ones you can’t stop thinking about the whole day you’re in the woods.

You’re sliding off the seat. A metal rod leaves a permanent bruise on your left cheek. A ear piercing squeek lets out every time you take in more than half a breath. The platform moves 5 inches left to right depending on where your weight is put, over and over again.

Yes, a bad treestand can be a nightmare, especially during those November all day vigils and I experienced that FAR too many times this past month. You see, I’m pretty cheap, and I put up a lot of the $40 cheapo hang-on stands across my properties. This year though, I finally came to the conclusion that these stands just aren’t worth the savings. On the other hand, I did come to another revelation. There is ONE bargain treestand that actually provides a good price AND a quality product.

And that treestand is the Comfort Zone Hunter Hang-On from Dicks Sporting Goods. After stumbling upon this stand via a recommendation from a friend, I can say now that this is by far the best bargain hang-on treestand I’ve tried yet.

Comfort Zone Hunter Hang-On

This fall, after having already hung numerous $40 bargain cheapo stands, my pal Josh introduced me to the treestands he’d been buying from Dicks Sporting Goods. He’d explained that he really liked this “Comfort Zone” and that I ought to try one. So before our first trip down to Ohio in October, I asked him to pick one up for me.

Immediately upon setting up this new stand, I could tell a difference. And now, after hunting for days on end in both my $40 Cheapo’s and the Comfort Zone, the difference is even more apparent.

What’s most incredible though is that I paid the same amount of money,$40, on both the cheapo crap stands and for the Comfort Zone!


That said, the $40 spent on the Comfort Zone bought me a dramatically more sturdy and comfortable stand. Lets talk about what makes this the case.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 9.21.09 AM

First off, the Comfort Zone attachs much more easily and securely to the tree than most other bargain stands I’ve used. I have had issues many times with the cinching mechanism on cheap stands, and having this loosen up over time. This has resulted in many a hang-on stand not being completely tight to the tree, no matter how many times I retighten in. With the Comfort Zone I had no such problem. Wrap one strap around the tree, cinch it down and you’re good to go!

The stand itself is also well constructed, and uses plastic washers between many moving parts which I believe is part of the reason why I’ve found these stands to be so quiet. I’ve had almost no issues with squeaks and creaks from the Comfort Zone.


All that said, the biggest difference I’ve seen between the $40 cheapos and the Comfort Zone is the comfort. The Comfort Zone stand really lives up to it’s name, it’s really comfortable! In all honesty, it’s just as comfortable as any of my $200+ treestands from the big brands. From what I can figure, this is most because of the seat used on this stand. The Comfort Zone seat and cushion is primo. It’s a thick, firm cushion that is used, and even after hours of being seated I never sunk through to feel the metal bars beneath. Having this firm seat makes a WORLD of difference.

photo (31)

For $40, which is how much I’ve paid for the Comfort Zone Hunter Hang-On, this stand offers unparalled comfort. Rock solid stability, a firm and comfortable seat, and plenty of room on the platform for my feet.

Final Thoughts

Over the years I’ve bought and used dozens of different tree-stands, but I’ve never been compelled to write about one of my bargain purchases until now. The Comfort Zone is head and shoulders above other bargain hang-on stands, and I know that I’ll never buy another $40 cheapo stand again for as long as the Comfort Zone is around.

It’s easy to set-up, stable, quiet and really comfortable. $40 usually can’t buy that, but this is an unusual stand.

If you’re looking for a bargain treestand, the Comfort Zone Hunter Hang-On is by far the best option I’ve found yet.

For more information, or to pick up a Comfort Zone stand visit the link below …

Comfort Zone Hunter Hang-On Treestand