By Mark Kenyon

A few weeks ago I wrote about a strategy I used on one of my best hunting properties in Michigan. I call this the “Gun Season Sanctuary” strategy. You can read the whole article on this, by clicking here. But in short, in order to keep my property prime for late season and to hopefully ensure that a few bucks make it through the gun season, I leave my main hunting property completely untouched during gun season. On top of that, I planned earlier this year to make sure this property had great food sources and cover for this timeframe. With outside pressure, no pressure on this property and lots of good food/cover, my hope was that a few good bucks could make it through and reside on this farm.

Well, the results are in. And it worked! Very well.

As I mentioned, I did not venture onto this property at all during gun season or for the last 3.5 weeks at all. I did though have three trail cameras running on the property, and now after checking them once at the end of last week and then last night (on the way out to hunt), I have the proof of the Gun Season Sanctuary’s success.

Both of my top two hit list bucks made it through the gun season, and many other 1.5 and 2.5 year old bucks are hanging around as well. Not only that, but the lack of pressure on this property has the bucks so comfortable, that I’m even getting daylight pics! This is almost unheard of in Michigan after gun season. Here are a few shots of my resident big boys!

A little spoiler alert: Last night, on my first hunt on this property since November 14 I had an encounter with Six Shooter, moving at 4:00 in the afternoon! Wasn’t in the cards for that hunt, but it’s got my hopes still high for the next few times I’ll be able to get in there.


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