By Mark Kenyon

For some on the Wired To Hunt team, November was a time for celebration, with two great bucks being taken during the rut by Josh and Ross. But for others (like me, Dustin and Stetson), it was nothing but long days on stand and heart breaking close calls. Still, through it all, we pushed on.

As I’ve said before … Hunting mature whitetails is a challenge. It’s a marathon. It’s a struggle.

But if you’re serious about it, you need to accept that challenge. You need to run that race. You need live through that struggle. One step at a time, one hurdle after another, you need to keep at it. Even when you don’t have the strength, you need to keep … on…grinding.

In this episode you’ll see Dustin, Stetson and I as we hunt our tails off through November and encounter a bunch of great bucks. You’ll see familiar faces such as “Leaner” and “Six Shooter” in Michigan, as well as the giant in Ohio I’ve been chasing, dubbed “Jawbreaker.” Despite all the hours and all the effort though, we just kept coming up short.

None the less, we keep on grinding…

(Spoiler alert: In this episode you’ll see a great encounter I had with Six Shooter on Halloween – but in Episode #7, you may be getting a much closer look at him …. )