By Mark Kenyon

It’s been a wild week here at the Wired To Hunt headquarters! If you’re not on our Wired To Hunt Facebook page, I’d highly recommend you check it out and give it a “Like”, as that’s where we post all of our daily updates, pictures and news. And if you’re one of the few not on there, you probably aren’t aware that my season of close calls and misfortune finally took a turn for the better! On Monday I tagged a buck I’ve been hunting for three years and I couldn’t be a happier hunter. I’m now in the midst of trying to put into words all that went into this journey!

That said, the hunt is never really done, and from here I’m turning to doe hunting and preparing for next season. As part of that preparation, I’m constantly trying to learn new ways to improve as a hunter, and the great articles below from across the web will be a great start!

Enjoy this whitetail reading, good luck hunting and Merry Christmas!

Look Back, Look Ahead…But Keep Hunting – Rut Reporters: Scot Bestul shares some thoughts on making the most of these final days of the 2013 season.

Potential World-Record Buck, But Is It Worthy? – Whitetail 365: A potential challenge to the world record typical bow buck has popped up in Iowa!

Is Your Deer Season Too Long?  – Big Buck Zone: Craig Dougherty shares some interesting thoughts on the length of deer seasons across the country, and how some are feeling they are getting too long.

How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather Hunting – North American Whitetail: Here are some more solid tips for staying warm on those late season hunts.

5 Simple Steps For Keeping Your Late Season Sanity – 365 Whitetail: After months of hunting, the late season can be a tough time for exhausted and worn out hunters. Randy Hynes shares a few interesting tips in this article to help make it through this final stretch.

Tips for Bowhunting from Box Blinds – Brow Tines & Backstrap: I’ve loved hunting out of my Redneck Box Blind that past few years, but it’s definitely different than hunting from a treestand. In this article, Will Brantley shares a few key considerations to keep in mind when making the switch from the tree to a box.

Kids and Guns: Safety in Familiarity? – W2H contributor Aaron Farley explores the very important topic of safely managing the presence of firearms in a household with kids.

Venison in Red Wine + Port Mushroom Sauce – A absolutely delicious looking venison recipe, this looks like it could be a great meal to share with family over the holidays!