By Mark Kenyon

No matter how good an area you hunt, tough hunts are a reality of our pursuit. Earlier this season Jeff Lindsey was having a hard time on his farm in Iowa because of the impact that EHD had on the mature bucks in his area. That said, all became well in the world on November 15, as he was finally able to catch up with the “Ashtay Buck” after hunting him for two weeks straight without a sighting.

That evening Jeff was running late to get into his stand, and didn’t make it to the tree until about 3:00 PM. But soon after, around 4:00, this stud of a buck emerged and began making a scrape in the distance.

After a grunt, snort wheeze and rattling, this giant tore across the field towards Jeff and a few moments later an arrow was sent his way. The buck ran about 75 yards and dropped. Jeff described the footage of this hunt as some of the best he’s ever been apart of.

This incredible Iowa whitetail scored 181″ and is a typical 10 pointer with split G2s and a couple sticker points.



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