By Mark Kenyon

With the hunting season winding down and my Michigan buck tag filled, I’m now turning my attention to filling my freezer to the brim.  Over the holidays my wife prepared a terrific venison roast, pictured above (click here for the recipe), and it reminded me that we really need to restock on this delicious meat.

That said, I’m now on doe patrol, and I’m really looking forward to enjoying a few days in the woods hunting meat and not, for once, stressing out about all the details that I do when hunting mature bucks. It’s a refreshing, pressure free existence I’ve been living the last week or so, and I hope that you can enjoy that same kind of hunt over the final days of your season. Whether you have a buck down or not, remember, this whole hunting thing is supposed to be fun. Trust me, I sometimes forget this!

That said, here’s your Friday Morning, full of interesting whitetail reads and helpful hunting tips from across the web. Give these articles a read, enjoy the wild and go get some venison!

Was The Rut Different this Year?  – Big Buck Zone: As we’ve discussed before, many reported a strange, very spotty rut this fall. Craig Dougherty discusses this same idea on the Big Buck Zone.

Big Buck Alert: Another Pending Louisiana Record – Rut Reporters: Here’s your big buck fix for the day, as a southern giant fell last week in Louisiana.

Jason Erb Buck: 193-Inch Ohio Monster – North American Whitetail: Speaking of big buck fixes, check out this mega-giant killed in Ohio! Pictures like this keep me heading down to the Buckeye State!

Michigan Trespassers Caught On Camera – I love this story, as a smart property owner used a trail camera, that transmits pics via cell to his phone, to catch some long time trespassers.

Smoky BBQ Beans with Venison  – Food For Hunters: A hearty and delicious venison meal or side dish that seems perfect for a cold, wintery evening.

Dan Schmidt: Our Prey Deserves Our Respect – Deer & Deer Hunting: Dan Schmidt shares some sentiments regarding the importance of respecting the deer we hunt. It’s something that I agree with strongly, and I hope we as a hunting community can continue to encourage this reverence for the animals we pursue.