By Mark Kenyon

Some of you have probably experienced this.

You need to bring that buck in just a few steps further, so you decide to grunt. But the second you finish your call, that buck looks straight up in the tree towards the source of the grunt and catches you moving. Just that fast, your hunt is ruined.

To combat this issue, Flextone came out with the Ground Grunt’R. This is essentially a traditional grunt tube placed in a PVC pipe type chamber that is to be placed on the ground.

photo (43)

From this grunt tube on the ground comes a 30 foot hose which is strung up to the hunter in the tree. The hunter can then blow into the hose and get his grunt to emit from the tube at the bottom of the tree – keeping deer from ever noticing him up above! You can also buy additional lengths of hose, allowing you to put the grunt farther away from the tree – maybe even placing it in or beneath a decoy.

Kind of an interesting idea!