By Mark Kenyon

For 2014, Cuddeback has completely redesigned their flagship trail cameras and the changes look pretty promising. New for 2014 are the E2, E3, C23, and C123 models. But despite the many model numbers, these cameras follow some similar design trends.

First and foremost the new Cuddebacks are dramatically smaller than than their previous models. In fact, the representative I spoke to claimed that these new cameras are the smallest on the market. While I don’t have the official dimensions, I’d say the camera is about 4 inches tall, and 2.5 inches thick.

The new models this year come with several different flash modes; IR, Black Flash and Color. The different model numbers (E2, E3, etc) are mainly differentiated by what flash option they have. But two of the models, the C23 and C123 have interchangeable flashes – allowing them to use 2 or 3 of those different options. Pretty neat idea.

Also different this year is the elimination of the traditional dial that Cuddebacks used to have to change settings. This is now being replaced with a “d-pad” of sorts, that allows you to scroll up/down, left/right, just like a TV remote.

Also included are time lapse capabilities, different modes for day vs night pictures, and image quality settings of 1, 5 and 20 megapixels.

As far as pricing, the IR and Black Flash models are coming in at $150, while the Double Flash and Triple Flash models are running $200 and $230 respectively.

For more info in the future, visit the Cuddeback website