By Mark Kenyon

Over the past year or so I’d begun hearing about a relatively new broadhead company called “Solid Broadheads”. In fact I hadn’t just been hearing about it, I’d been hearing people rave about it. Over and over again, I’d heard about the impressive qualities of these ultra high quality fixed blade heads. Now finally at ATA, I had a chance to examine the Solids in person.

Based on my initial impressions, and the time spent chatting with people on their team, I can understand why the feedback on these new heads has been so positive. The Solid broadhead is one heavy duty, fine tuned meat seeking missile.

Using a super high grade S30V steel, Solid claims to be the sharpest broadhead on the market, and from what I understand of this steel, it should make these broadheads hold that sharp edge longer than most other broadheads as well.

A number of other factors including aerodynamics, the use of “bleeder blades” and the 20 degree blade angles all are said to contribute to superior flight and penetration, while maintaining a level of durability not seen often before.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 10.19.24 AM

On top of that, these broadheads are guaranteed for life! Pretty impressive.

The original Solid broadhead comes in a 100 and 125 grain version, and a new 175 version and turkey decapitating head have been launched just recently as well.

All that said, these broadheads being a premium product do come with a premium price tag – of around $80 for 3. Obviously that’s going to keep some folks from trying these out. But for the most serious of bowhunters, I could see these being worth the investment – especially given the lifetime guarantee.

For more details you can check out the Solid Broadhead website