By Mark Kenyon

Over the past few years I’ve been working hard to expand the reach of my writing, and I’ve been fortunate now to have had writing opportunities with publications such as, Quality Whitetails Magazine, North American Whitetail Magazine and in 2014 Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine as well. Today, I’m beginning another such venture, as my first article on the North American Whitetail website has been published! This should hopefully be the first of many, so be sure to look for future pieces by yours truly on their site down the road!

For now, head on over to if you’re interested in diving into my thoughts on extreme weather whitetail hunting. In this article I cover how whitetails are effected by extreme heat, cold, wind, snow and rain and then discuss how we as hunters can best weather the elements and effectively hunt deer in these conditions. Hopefully you’ll find it helpful!

Here’s a direct link:

The Whitetail Addict’s Guide to Hunting Extreme Weather – North American Whitetail