By Mark Kenyon

I’ve been a happy user of Big & J’s BB2 product for over four years now, and for that reason, I’m pretty excited to see something new coming down the pipeline from these guys. When it comes to helping get me trailcam pics, Big & J has always got the job done, and it looks like the new “Meltdown Mineral Mix” will do the same.

The “Meltdown” comes in a small plastic bag full of a mineral powder. When your ready to use the product, you add water to the bag, and a chemical reaction takes place causing the mineral to take on a slushy consistency and actually heat up. When poured on the ground, this heat leads to vaporization which helps carry the aroma of the product longer distances, and leads to more deer taking notice. This vaporization occurs upon the initial mixing, and then again during each rainfall.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 10.41.49 AM

The minerals are highly attractive to deer as well, and not excessively heavy on salt. Instead it consists of the more important trace minerals that deer crave and need for proper development.

Another neat development is the use of the plastic bag packaging. Most liquid minerals or attractants come in a jug of some sort, and after using the product you are stuck with this big empty jug to carry back out of the woods. Big & J noticed this inconvenience, and chose a bag package instead, allowing you to roll up the bag and easily pack it up when your done using it. A small, but nice little improvement.

For more information, visit Big & J’s website.