By Mark Kenyon

Here’s a pretty neat new gizmo.

The iHunt Fall Call, in short, will alert your emergency contacts or first responders if you fall out of your treestand! This is a half dollar sized gadget that connects between your safety harness and the tether that secures you to the tree when in a treestand. If you were to fall from your stand, this “link” will separate and trigger a message to be sent to your smartphone and the iHunt app that you will have installed on it. From there, the iHunt app will automatically send out an emergency call for help.

You can choose for the app to contact your hunting partner first or another friend or family member. Or you can immediately have it contact emergency personnel. Using your phone’s GPS, your exact coordinates will be sent, and help will be on it’s way!

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 10.11.09 AM

The iHunt Fall Call works with any and all safety harnesses, and does NOT require any kind of additional fees or charges. All you need is a smartphone that can connect to this device via bluetooth. Pretty cool gadget, and a great way to protect yourself in the event of an emergency while out hunting on your own.

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