By Mark Kenyon

The release of the React sight in 2013 was a huge success for Trophy Ridge, and in 2014 they are now following it up with a one pin version.

Similar to the original React, with the React One, you simply sight in at 20 and 30 yards and your done. When getting sighted in at 30, the internal mechanics adjust the rest of the markers to be correctly set for every 10 yards from that point on, all the way out to 100 yards! If you’re a long range shooter, this is definitely a great option to check out.

Different than the previous React, this sight is constructed entirely from aluminum. The result is a nearly indestructible sight, designed to withstand the toughest conditions whether you’re hunting from a treestand or in the mountains out west. Of course this sight is also 100% tool less, has a rheostat light, and uses high quality fiber optics.

The original React has worked wonders for me, and I’d expect the React One to be equally as impressive.

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