By Mark Kenyon

While at the ATA show you’re reminded all around about the “new”, “innovative”, and “game changing” products that brands are releasing each year. More often than not though, these products are quite a bit less than game changing. Honestly, the number of truly innovative new products I see at ATA each year is surprisingly less than you might think.

That said, Bushnell really caught my attention with their new Truth Rangefinder with “Clearshot Technology”. In my opinion, they actually have produced a “game changer”

The Truth with ClearShot Technology

So what’s so special about this rangefinder? It’s right there in the name, the “ClearShot Technology”.

Imagine this scenario. It’s November 7th and you’ve got a big ole buck following a doe and headed right for you. Unfortunately, he’s coming from the one direction you didn’t think a buck would, and you didn’t cut good shooting lanes. He finally stops at 30 yards, and you find a gap in the trees. But can you fit your arrow in there? Will it hit the branch above the gap as it arcs towards the buck?

This guessing game is no longer necessary with “ClearShot Technology”. When you activate your rangefinder in this scenario, a small dot will appear on the screen showing the maximum height of the arrow on it’s path to the target, if it’s clear of obstruction, you’re good to shoot!

photo (57)

When the folks at Bushnell showed this to me, I was floored. This is something I would really use, and a scenario I’ve been in many times before.

To get this set up properly, you must go through a short calibration process to make sure the rangefinder reads properly for your bow set-up. But once that’s set, you’re good to go.

In addition to ClearShot, The Truth Rangefinder also has the ARC technology that was released last year, which accounts for the terrain angle when calculating distance. Additionally, this rangefinder can acquire targets from 7 to 850 yards, and has four power magnification.

The Truth will retail at $279.99, and I’m pretty sure this will be the rangefinder I’ll be investing in for 2014!

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