By Mark Kenyon

G5’s new full containment drop away rest, the CMAX, got a good bit of interest at the 2014 ATA show. And for good reason, it looks like a solid addition to their archery accessory lineup.

The biggest selling point for this rest is it’s durability, as G5 claims that the CMAX has been “cycle tested” over 1,000,000 times. That essentially means it’s gone through a simulated firing process a million times. If the rest holds up that way in the real world, I’d say CMAX shooters will be pretty happy. To aid in durability, the rest frame is constructed 100% from metal. The final package weighs in at about 2.7 oz.

photo (49)

In addition to durability, this rest is also unique because of a new push button activation, that allows you to bring the rest into the “lifted” position by either drawing the bow (as usual) or by pushing a button. On the release, G5 explains that “extended arrow contact release timing” aids in increased accuracy, and allows for the ability to take on any fletching orientation.

Last, G5 claims this is an easy to set up rest, and should only take 5 minutes to get it on your bow.

Overall sounds like an interesting new rest and one that’s worth checking out.

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