By Mark Kenyon

Moultrie has proven itself to be the maker of quality trail cameras for a number of years now, and this year they’re batch of new cams looks to continue that trend. Leading the charge for Moultrie is their new M-1100i camera, and it looks like a winner.

Continuing the trend of the past few years, the M-1100i comes in a nice small package, being about 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide. The flash technology in this camera is dubbed “No-Glow Infrared” and it promises an 80 foot flash range. Additionally this camera brings 12 mp image quality to the table and 1080p full HD video. 1/2 second trigger speeds, a 2 inch color preview screen, and time lapse mode is included as well.

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Another neat feature of the M-1100i is the “Managed Memory” feature which can be turned on or off, allowing the camera to start saving over the oldest images if the SD card fills up.

Overall the Moultrie -1100i looks like a strong evolutionary product for their trail camera line, and I’m sure a lot of folks will be happy to put this cam up on a tree this coming summer!

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