By Mark Kenyon

For many years Lone Wolf treestands were the only brand of stands you could find with a cast aluminum platform and the benefits of this kind of platform were tremendous. For that reason, Lone Wolf skyrocketed in popularity. Recently though, the patent LW had on this design expired, and since then other stand manufacturers have scurried to design their own stands with this technology.

This year Ameristep launched their own version with this cast aluminum platform, dubbing them the Hyde Sky Walker and Hyde Cliff Hanger Hang-On stands.

photo (68)

Both of these stands feature a 21.5″ x 33″ cast aluminum platform, which of course has no welds, seams or tubes – which greatly decreases the noise of the stand, while also making it very light and sturdy. Both stands also have “self leveling” features, allowing you to adjust the platform based on the angle of the tree. Similarly, they both have flip up seats that are adjustable for angle as well.

The big difference between the Sky Walker and Cliff Hanger is the seats. On the Sky Walker you have a much larger 21″ x 15″ seat with a lumbar support back rest. This results in a much heavier stand – at 29.5 lbs.

photo (69)

On the other hand, the Cliff Hanger only has a 15″ x 12″ flat top seat, with an overall stand weight of 13.5 lbs.

Both stands look pretty nice!

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