Figured it was time for some more Wired To Hunt reader success stories, and the first ones that popped up in my inbox were those from Brennen Nading. He and his fiance both bagged terrific bucks in Iowa this past fall, and will be having their kills featured on their new show The Breaking Point TV this spring! Exciting stuff. Congrats Brennen and Andrea! – MK

First, the rut. Brennen Nading with the The Breaking Point found himself in an Iowa tree on the morning of November 9th with James Larson sitting over his shoulder. At around 9:30 he cracked the antlers together and this old boy came charging in to check out the situation.  Brennen sent a Shuttle T through the pump house and the buck made it about 75 yards before he collapsed. The buck ended up being a 153″ 9 pointer.


Now we fast forward into December. The Breaking Point team would keep on battling through the later part of the season and Andrea Hedrick, Brennen’s fiance would finally have some luck.

The story of this buck named “Boonetown” began back on November 9th. Brennen would actually be the first to encounter the southern Iowa giant when the big buck walked under his stand at 12 yards just minutes after he shot his buck that day. That was the first time they had ever seen the big buck, no pictures, no encounters…nothing.

image (1)

With Brennen tagged out, Andrea continued to hunt hard and passed a lot of quality bucks in hopes of seeing “Boonetown” once again. On the evening of December 22nd, the last night of the 2nd shotgun season, Andrea and Brennen hopped in a Double Bull blind that was situated to cut off the deer on their way to a cut bean field. With the fresh snow and cold temps the deer were really on their feet.

At around 4:15 “Boonetown” stepped out of the cedars at 75 yards and Andrea let the TC Pro Hunter go to work. 125 yards later she put her hands on a true Iowa giant. The buck grossed 170 3/8″.


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