By Mark Kenyon

I’m still recovering from the hangover of the 2013 season, but as we’re edging into the later half of January, my focus quickly is turning to shed hunting. As part of that mission, I’m running trail cameras to monitor antler drop. While on the way to check one of these cameras this past Wednesday, I came across a number of big, relatively fresh rubs. It got me wondering how late bucks will rub, and luckily today – I found the answer!

In our Friday Morning Mashup today, Charles Alsheimer discusses late rubbing behavior, and in other stories we’ll also hear about recent widespread declines in whitetail populations, a good ole big buck story, and much more. So enjoy these great whitetail blog posts from across the web, and have a terrific weekend!

Alsheimer: Buck Rubs Continue in Winter – Deer & Deer Hunting: Charles Alsheimer answers my questions, regarding how late bucks will rub!

Missouri whitetail population in decline – HuntMO365: My pal Andy Yost shares figures and thoughts on the alarming decline in whitetail populations across Missouri.

The Recipe for Collapse – Bill Winke shares similar concerns as Andy, but in his case it’s about the situation in Iowa. This same alarm is being raised in a number of other midwest states.

Winter Work for Whitetails – Big Buck Zone: Craig Dougherty shares a few ideas for winter whitetail projects.

Introducing the Ultimate Anatomy Organ Buck Target – North American Whitetail: Here’s the scoop on a really interesting new archery target, that has fully sculpted whitetail organs on one side.

Minnesota Bow Buck, 156″ – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer Blog: Here’s your big buck story of the day, the tale of a giant Minnesota buck.