By Mark Kenyon

Shed hunting here in Michigan, at least for me, is most often an effort in futility. I look at it as an excuse to get some exercise, embarrassingly trip over a few logs, and toughen up my winter softened feet with a few calluses and blisters. Otherwise, I’m not expecting much more.

Luckily, that’s not the case for everyone – exhibit #1 being my friends in Iowa. Representing Team Iowa for Wired To Hunt is Ross and Kendal Hausmann, who have gotten this early shed hunting season kicked off on the right note this past weekend!

They’ve wasted no time in finding a matched set from a real nice buck, and then another dandy antler with a split G2. Needless to say, I can’t wait to head out to Iowa for my own shed hunting trip. Until then though, I’ve resigned myself to at least another 20 text messages from Ross showing off another big ole Iowa antler. As the kids these days would say … SMH #MIHunterProblems.

Here are a few pics from those lucky bums in the land of giants. And if you’re looking to get ramped up on your shed hunting “know-how”, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to shed hunting linked below …

Everything You Need To Know About Shed Hunting

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