Today’s reader success story comes from a long time member of the Wired To Hunt Nation, Rob Freyer. Rob was hard at it all fall putting venison in the freezer, and on November 9th he was able to put some antlers on the wall too. Here’s his story of an exciting day during the rut! Congrats Rob! – MK

By Rob Freyer

“It was Saturday, November 9th. I got up early, showered, and got to the property in plenty of time. I did everything right, but sometimes it just doesn’t matter.

As I started walking into the woods I could see eyes so I stopped and they just remained still, one set low one set high. I grabbed my bigger light and to my surprise there was a big buck bedded down next to a doe that was up feeding. First time for everything, so I wasn’t sure what to do. I decided I’d grunt and just walk slowly at them. I did this and at 30 yards the buck finally stood up and they both casually trotted off. I then quickly got up in my stand and not minutes after getting set up, here he comes chasing her back my way. This chasing went on for an hour or so and around first light they came within ten yards but it still wasn’t shooting light. Then they were gone and how disappointing was that.

About ten minutes later she comes out of the thicket and he was right on her. They came by at forty yards, but again no shot and they once again vanished into the thicket. Just as my hopes were crushed I heard crashing coming my way only to see a little 4pt chasing a doe. Now this was intense as he chased this doe hard core for over an hour. Back and forth they went, it was crazy, and they were both exhausted. This bout of excitement soon ended and I was left with the peaceful quietness of the woods.

I hung out another two hours and by 10 I was more than ready to go. I stood up to start packing my gear together and I heard the sound of crunching leaves. Immediately I thought that 4pt is back, but my heart dropped when I turned around to see it was the big boy. He had come out of one thicket and was trying to get back to the other. He circled downwind about 50 yards below but then caught the scent of my Apparition Scents Blind Date estrous lure and that pulled him into 30 yards. He got directly downwind of me and when his head went behind the tree I drew and took aim.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 3.13.17 PM


After clearing the tree he stood there with his nose up and I plowed an arrow right behind his shoulder. WHAT A RUSH! He took off for the thicket in which he came and I found him laying in there no more than a 100 yards from where I shot him. You have got to love the rut!”

– Rob Freyer,Maryland Huntography