By Mark Kenyon

I recently wrote an article here on Wired To Hunt talking about the epiphany I had while experiencing a hunt a few weeks ago with my phone turned off (A Hunt With No Phone). On that hunt, I found that there is a true value in experiencing the wild without the distractions of text messages, email and Facebook and I experienced the outdoors in a way I hadn’t in too long a time

That said, while phones can risk being a distraction, they can also be a tremendous asset to the whitetail hunter. My most recent article for North American Whitetail discusses this other side of the coin.

In this piece, you’ll find my picks for the 10 best mobile apps for the whitetail addict. Some are obvious picks and others might surprise you. Mapping, education, weather – we’ve got a little bit of everything covered. So if you have a spare minute, check out this article and give a few of the recommended applications a try, I think you’ll find a good bit of whitetail related usefulness in each.

But remember … everything in moderation! Don’t forget to put that phone away on occasion and take in the scenery with both eyes and a clear mind.

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