By Mark Kenyon

It is an ancient rite of passage. A glorious immortalization of a moment in the wild. A primitive verbal dance that hundreds of thousands of men and women before us have taken a part of. The hunting story.

I recently read in Steven Rinella’s book, Meat Eater, that it is theorized that complex languages were most likely first developed by the early people of this world with the simple goal of telling hunting stories and sharing the details surrounding the hunt. With such history, it should be no surprise that still today we are mesmerized by the thoughtful spinning of a hunting tale.

Still today we gather around campfires, coffee tables and tailgates to relive those most exciting and unexpected moments of the wild and still today we rush home with sparkling eyes and stories to tell.

The telling of those stories is another story in itself though. A hunting story can be as simple as a sharing of people, places and things. But some blessed hunters have transcended the simple act of recounting events, and instead have the magical ability to transport us right into the hunt with them.

You know the storytellers I’m speaking of. The poets of the wild. The bards of the great outdoors. The narrators of our dreams. We are blessed to have people such as this, those out there with the power to weave a hunting tale so rich and vivid that we ourselves can almost breathe the fresh air and touch the wild oaks they speak of.

To truly tell such a hunting story, it is a gift, a blessing, an art.

And so today, we celebrate these tellers of tales. 

I know there are such story tellers in our midst and I know there are incredible tales to be told by the Wired To Hunt Nation. So today we’re launching a contest to find that story and that person.

From now until next week, January 30th, we’re asking you to send in your best whitetail hunting story. It can be an old story or new. Long or short. Just make sure it is the best story you can tell. Bring us into your treestand. Make us feel the snow and the cold. Give me chills when the majestic beast steps into the clearing. Spin us a yarn that we won’t forget.

On January 30th we’ll begin reviewing the submissions, and we will eventually pick one winner.

This winner will have their story featured on Wired To Hunt and will win a prize package including the following:

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.45.27 AM

– A copy of The River’s Divide on DVD, an incredible feature length film telling the visually stunning story of one man’s two year hunt for an unforgettable whitetail. One of the finest hunting stories ever told through film.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.45.56 AM

– A copy of the book Meat Eater, by Steven Rinella, one of the greatest collections of hunting stories I’ve ever read.

– A Wired To Hunt hat

So settle in behind your computer and get typing. And remember January 30th is the deadline! Please send your submissions to and place “Art of the Hunting Story” in your subject line.

Thanks and happy writing!