By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday folks! It’s deathly cold outside today here in Michigan, and my wife and I have only one plan for the next three days. Stay warm and get in some good reading. If you’re in a similar boat, I’d recommend you do the same thing! Nothing like a warm fire, a cup of coffee and a good article or book.

To help you with this most ambitious of weekend projects, we’ve put together a list of great blog posts from across the web this week. You can see these linked below. On top of that, if you missed my article earlier this week, check out my recommendations for 7 Fun, Off-Season Reads. Any one of these books will make for a great weekend.

Enjoy, read on, and stay wired to hunt!

The Bacon Lover’s Guide to Wild Game Cooking – I think the title says it all, here’s a selection of terrific wild fame recipes utilizing the oh so good bacon. One of these recipes I’ve tried before, and I can vouch for it’s worth. Delectable.

10 Best Mobile Apps for the Whitetail Addict – In case you missed my earlier post, here’s a link to my most recent article for North American Whitetail. My pick for the 10 best apps for the whitetail addict.

Bowhunting Failure: It Should Only Make Us Stronger – 365 Whitetail: When a season comes and goes with no kill to show for it, it’s easy to feel like you’ve failed. Randy Hynes explores this feeling and the lessons we can learn from it.

Teaching Kids to Hunt – Aaron Farley shares the story of his son’s first hunt, and lessons he’s learned along the way as he trys to properly teach his son to hunt.

Learning Things The Hard Way – PJ Reilly shares his lesson learned the hard way, when he didn’t check his bow’s sights after a plane trip.