By Mark Kenyon

It’s the weekend of the big game and many of your minds may be consumed with visions of Broncos, Seahawks, chips, dips and beers dancing about in your head. For me though, it’s still whitetails on my mind, so I’ve put together our weekly list of whitetail blog posts from across the web for other folks like me.

Lots of good reading today, so enjoy and have a great weekend. And, oh by the way, just for this weekend … Go Broncos! 😉

How To Recover From A Missed Shot – North American Whitetail: Here’s my latest article for Norther American Whitetail, as I discuss how I missed a buck this past December, and then the actionable steps I took to learn from that mistake.

Why You’re Eating Tag Soup – A few common reasons for not tagging a buck are explained, as well as ways to ensure you don’t meet a similar fate in the future.

Why America Should Modernize the Civilian Conservation Corps – Brow Tines and Backstrap: The new Secretary of the Interior recently has proposed recreating the Civilian Conservation Corps, funded this time by private moneys, to begin drastically increasing the amount of conservation projects and work being done on public grounds. It’s an idea I’m pretty excited about, given the tremendously underfunded state of government wildlife management offices. Private capital and volunteers organized with a common goal could lead to great things.

Hunting As Pilgrimage -Sole Adventure: Mark Huelsing shares some thoughts on what hunting means to him, and a terrific David Petersen quote to boot.

How Deer Survive In Cold Weather – Deer & Deer Hunting: Charles Alsheimer explains a few interesting tidbits about how whitetails deal with these frigid temperatures.

Where Have All The Whitetails Gone? – Big Buck Zone: As has been a common theme this winter, more talk of declining whitetail populations across the country ….

Are Whitetails Doomed? – Brow Tines and Backstrap: … and even more doom and gloom here as well.