By Mark Kenyon

The wind chill outside my window is -15 degrees. Enough said. All I’ll be doing this weekend is hibernating, as has been the case a lot lately. So as we do each Friday, I’ve compiled a list of great whitetail/hunting related reading options for your weekend enjoyment. And we’ve got some terrific options today.

Enjoy these stories, stay warm and have hope. Spring will be here eventually , I promise.

Field & Stream’s 18 Greatest Deer Stories – In the most recent issue of Field & Stream magazine, 18 terrificly told deer stories were featured. Not just the stories of successful hunts, but stories of misses, of mistakes, and lessons learned. Wonderful reads, and they’re all available online now! Definitely worth checking out.

How The New 2014 Farm Bill Will Affect Whitetail Hunters – North American Whitetail: The new Farm Bill is being signed into law by President Obama at my alma mater, Michigan State University. And for my most recent article for North American Whitetail, I examined how this law might affect whitetails and whitetail hunters.

The Hunter’s Paradox: Loving What You Kill – Hunt Angler Gardener Cook: An incredible article that I just recently ran across while I was working on writing about the same topic. Hank Shaw very eloquently explores this enigmatic topic that lives in the minds of many hunters.

In Retrospect: A New Recipe for Tag Soup – 365Whitetail: A great perspective on how to deal with an “unsuccessful” season!

A Bowhunter’s Selfie: Photographing Yourself To Analyze Form – Sole Adventure: My pal and archery guru Mark Huelsing has put together a terrific piece on how you can use photos of yourself shooting your bow to improve your form, and eventually your accuracy.

Telecheck Deer: The Way of the Future or a Missed Opportunity? – Big Buck Zone: Should we check in our deer at physical stations or just electronically? The debate rages on.

MeatEater Meatball Sliders – Here’s a recipe for some terrific venison sliders, which I tried a variation of for the Super Bowl. Tasty.