By Mark Kenyon

Nearly three years ago, I began the telling of a story on Wired To Hunt about a deer known as “Six Shooter.” During that first year as I got to know and got hunting him, I asked you, the Wired To Hunt Nation, for help naming him and then later for ideas on how to hunt him. Of course, you came to my aid. Over those months, I shared my experiences, photos and videos and you shared in my excitement and then eventually in my despair as it seemed he was gone forever.

But fast forward to 2013, and unbelievably the story picked up again – and all along, you were right alongside me. You gave me encouragement and you gave me advice. You shared in my ups and felt my downs, you celebrated my highs, and helped me deal with the lows. And finally, when the story ended, you joined me in my reverence for the wonderful animal that had defined the past three years of my hunting life.

On this journey, you all gave me so much. But up to this point, I haven’t fulfilled my end of the bargain. Despite me having ended this hunt nearly two months ago, I still haven’t shared the final, climatic story of how my hunt for Six Shooter came to a close. And I must apologize for that. To be honest, I’ve just had a hard time figuring out how to tell this story, which meant so much to me.

This story seemed far too rich and emotional to be told through a simple article of dates, times, and encounters. But, after trying many methods, every “story” I could put into words ended up being far too long or dull to ever be feasibly read online. And so finally, after a lot of debating, I decided that this story was best told in a format that would allow it to breathe. That being, a book.

So with that said, today I’m excited to finally share with you the final and complete story of my three year hunt for Six Shooter, in the form of an eBook. “Moments With Six Shooter”.

Told through a collection of eleven short stories, the journey I embarked on in September of 2011, both in the woods, at home, and in my own mind and soul, are regaled in a fashion that I hope will do this deer and this story justice.

I won’t bore you with too many details now. But I want to point out three items:

First, I want everyone and anyone to be able to have access to this story. And for that reason, I’m making the PDF of this book available at ANY PRICE for the first four days. You can pay $0 or any other amount you see fit. (Update: This time period has now passed. The book is now available for purchase in PDF or Kindle formats)

Second, this book will also be available on Amazon in a Kindle book format that can be easily purchased and downloaded on your phones or tablets.

Third, if you download/purchase the book, you’ll also get access to a exclusive website where I have uploaded a whole host of trail camera pictures, photos and raw video clips from over the course of this three year journey!

All that said – if you’re interested in learning more about “Moments With Six Shooter” or if you’d like to purchase/download a copy, click the book or link below. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

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Moments With Six Shooter