By Mark Kenyon

Happy Valentines Day! Today is all about love, and if you’re on Wired To Hunt, I’m sure you love whitetails as much as I do. That said, my Valentine’s Day gift to you is more articles about whitetails! Big surprise, right?

That said, below we’ve got some great whitetail related reads from across the web – just in time for the weekend. So good luck getting through this last work day, have a great V-Day evening, and then enjoy some whitetail literature!

Winter Kill: What You Need to Know about WSI and Whitetail Survival – Big Buck Zone: A discussion on how this winter may be affecting whitetails, and the Winter Severity Index.

eBook Review: Moments With Six Shooter by Mark Kenyon – 365 Whitetail: A very kind and flattering review of my new book “Moments With Six Shooter”! If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link to download a copy — > “Moments With Six Shooter”

5 Steps to Build & Assemble Insanely Accurate Arrow Shafts – Sole Adventure: Mark Huelsing has got another great DIY archery blog post. This week, assembling your own arrow shafts.

Conservation Measures Suddenly Gain Momentum in Congress – The Conservationist: Recently some strong conservation bills have been picking up steam in congress, lets make sure our representatives push them all the way through!

The Whitetail Addict’s Guide To Postseason Scouting – North American Whitetail: In case you missed it, here’s my latest article for North American Whitetail – a guide to everything you need to know about post-season scouting.

You Have Permission: Shoot Small Bucks! – Aaron Farley asks some tough questions about the “big buck culture” of deer hunting today.