By Mark Kenyon

The doldrums of winter. The teeth chattering cold. The short, dark days. The ice and snow and wind, and oh by the way, the ice and snow and the wind! It seems it never ends. I struggle with winter, and spend most of it longing for the greens and yellows of a heart warming spring day. But, I have found one strong redeeming quality in this most arctic of seasons. That is the fact that the winter gives me plenty of opportunity to read!

This winter I’ve read some absolutely terrific books that have really opened my eyes and got me thinking. And I think that’s a healthy mental activity, that whole thinking thing. That said, below I’ve included a bit of reading material for you today, a sampling of whitetail related blog posts from across the web.

Enjoy the reads, stay warm, and have hope. Spring is ever closer.

Why March is the Best Time of the Year to Scout for Whitetail Deer – Whitetail 365: Echoing a similar sentiment I shared in a blog post on North American Whitetails website last week, Scott Bestul shares reasons for getting out and scouting this spring.

Chipotle Venison Jerky – Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: A great looking venison jerky recipe from Hank Shaw, which I’m excited to try soon.

We Need Our Public Lands, Now More Than Ever – The Conservationist: Public land access is a growing problem, and this topic and possible solutions on the way are discussed.

What’s on the Neighbor’s Trail Camera? – Brow Tines and Backstrap: Will Brantley shares a recent experience he had with a neighbor, and the joys that can be had when we work together.

15 Tips for Planting Deer-Hunting Orchards – If you’re hoping to improve your property for deer, and orchard is a great way to go. Here are a few tips to help make it happen.