By Mark Kenyon

This past weekend I escaped the arctic landscape of Michigan and headed to Southern Ohio for my first shed hunt of 2014, and what a welcome trip that was! No snow, sixty degree temperatures and sunshine! Yes, I saw the sun. But the weather wasn’t the only thing going for us. We also found some  sheds! Now, given this was our first shed hunting trip of the year, it’s always easy to forget a few things, and that we did.

So with this recent experience in my back pocket, I want to help you avoid the same fate. Below I’ve listed 8 items you want to make sure to remember to bring on your next shed hunt.

These are 8 must-have items for your next shed hunting trip!

Backpack: A backpack is an absolute must-have on any shed hunt, as you’ll need to be able to carry all of the various other items we’re about to mention AND you’ll want somewhere to stash all of those antlers you’re going to find. Bring a comfortable backpack that you’ll be ok lugging around for a full day.

Binoculars: Binoculars are crucial to any shed hunting trip, as you always want to be able to check out possible sheds in the distance. It can save you a lot of walking, and in the end, net you a few additional sheds!

Good Boots: If there’s one thing shed hunting requires, it’s a lot of walking, and you better have the boots to handle it. If it’s not too wet, hiking boots are a great option. But if it’s super muddy, you might want to consider a knee high rubber boot, with a more shoe form fit – such as the Lacrosse Aerohead boots.

Long sleeves/Thick pants: What you choose to wear on your shed hunt is pretty important if you don’t want to come home battered and bloody. Bedding areas are great places to find sheds, but usually in order to check them you’ll need to push your way through some thick and nasty brush, many times filled with prickers and various forms of briars. Make sure you have thick pants and long sleeves or a jacket, to minimize the pain and suffering as much as possible.

Camera/Phone: You of course will want to record the moments of shed hunting victory, so be sure to bring a camera or at least have your phone w/camera handy. I also like to to take pictures of good deer sign, like rubs, old scrapes, etc.

Water: Staying focused while shed hunting is critically important to finding antlers, and if you’re dehydrated and exhausted, you’re going to have a hard time doing that. Be sure to bring a bottle of water or two, and sip from it often. You’ll feel better and probably will have a better chance at finding some bone.

Snack: In the same line of thought, make sure you have a few snacks available. Few things can make you lose your “edge” while shed hunting like an empty stomach and that weak feeling that can come when you’re lacking food and/or sugar. High calorie food sources will give you the energy needed to burn up and down those hills.

Toilet Paper: Finally, the real game changer. Toilet paper. After a few miles of walking, your stomach can usually get pretty well worked around, and that might mean a neccessary bathroom break. There’s nothing worse than being stuck miles from the truck and civilization when you need to use the bathroom and you don’t have toilet paper. It’s not fun, trust me. So always pack some TP! Always. 🙂

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