By Mark Kenyon

I feel like every Friday recently, I’ve been saying the same things on the Mashup. Too much snow, too cold, blah, blah blah. It’s getting old. But I think, and I hope, the spring isn’t too far away. This past weekend in fact, I had a brief preview of what’s to come, as I enjoyed a 60 degree and sunny day in Southern Ohio. With no snow on the ground, we found five sheds and got some good scouting in. It was glorious. Now, back in Michigan, I’m just counting down the days until I can do the same here.

In the meantime though, as has been the case for months now, I’ll take advantage of this downtime to get in some more good whitetail reading. And we’ve got plenty of it this weekend. Here are a number of great whitetail related posts from across the web.

Enjoy and stay wired to hunt!

Huge Spike Buck Taken in North Carolina – Big Buck Zone: You won’t see this too often – a really impressive spike buck!

How to Debone Deer in 8 Minutes – Whitetail 365: If you want to immediately feel bad about your skills butchering a deer, watch this video. You’ll probably learn a thing or two as well!

7 Deer Hunting Blogs You Should Be Reading – Wide Open Spaces: We were very nicely featured in this list of the top deer hunting blogs!

Venison Meatloaf Recipe – Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: I’ve always been a bit apprehensive about meat loaf, but this looks like a recipe I’d be willing to try.

Understanding Aim & Shooting Focus – Sole Adventure: As usual Mark Huelsing has some great archery tips, this time about understanding where your focus should be when aiming. On the target or on your sights?

Spring A Good Time To Build Bowhunting Water Holes – Some solid tips for building a water hole, and why it can greatly improve your chances of success while bowhunting.

4 Best Venison Chili Recipes By Region – North American Whitetail: Some tasty venison chili recipes from across the country.

How to Help Your Kids Love Archery – Aaron Farley shares some great ideas to help make sure your kids enjoy their first steps into archery.

The Time Is Now – Drumming Log Wildlife Management: In this article and video, Erich Long discusses the importance of focusing on habitat projects that can help whitetails get through tough winters such as this, and champions the ability of the chainsaw to do just that.