By Mark Kenyon

Bill Winke, best known for being the creator of and host of Midwest Whitetail TV, released a new book this past fall titled “Trophy Terrain Series Volume I – Creeks & Ditches”. As is made clear in the title, this is the first book in a series on how deer use terrain, and how hunters can use that knowledge to improve their chances of success. In addition to the book itself, a companion DVD is also included. Now that I’ve finally had the chance to read the book and watch the included DVD, I wanted to share with you my thoughts.

In short, “Creeks & Ditches” is well worth a read.

As mentioned already, this series of books is focused on helping hunters understand how deer use terrain and this specific volume is primarily focused on creeks & ditches. On that topic, Winke discusses how these features can be used for entry/exit routes, where to find these, what factors make a creek or ditch stand location well suited to hunt, and then tips for hunting in these areas. This is a very brief summary of what is a very important topic, but rest assured, it is well covered within the pages of this book. I picked up a few great tips on how to pick the best creek crossings to hunt and tips for best hunting drainage ditches while still avoiding swirling winds.

That said, Bill covers much more than just creeks and ditches. Also discussed are alternate entry/exit routes (such as running to your stand), how to read aerial and topographic maps, why map reading is important, how terrain affects wind,  cover and terrain funnels, timing of funnel use and quite a bit more.

This book is relatively short, around 80 pages, but the information included is crucial to understanding the basics of hunting mature bucks. While much of the information covered is relatively basic, it’s still full of great reminders and a few new ideas that even experienced hunters would find valuable. On the other hand, if you’re relatively new to hunting mature bucks, this is info you need to become well versed on.

That said, what really brings this book home for me is the included DVD. This 45 minute video illustrates many of the concepts and features discussed in the book, and I think having these visual examples will really help a lot of people. As as is always the case with Winke, the video is well done, very informative and includes a few exciting hunts that showcase how the discussed tactics can lead to hunting success.

Overall I thought “Trophy Terrain Series Volume I – Creeks & Ditches” was a good read, that is tied together nicely with the companion DVD. It’s definitely worth checking out.

To pick up a copy of “Creeks & Ditches” click this link