By Mark Kenyon

“Freezers and grocery stores foster the illusion that life sustains itself without taking other life.” – Richard Nelson

Hunters and non-hunters alike are re-discovering the joys and benefits of eating wild game and I’m thrilled. Every day new articles, stories, television shows and news stories are spreading the good word on eating the fruits of the land, procured by our own hands – and it certainly is good news. As we partake in the eating of wild game, not only are we nourished, but we’re also reminded of the realities of life, and as Richard Nelson said, the fact that life cannot be sustained without the taking of other life. It’s a reality and truth that can, when recognized, open our eyes to the world around us and help us better appreciate and respect all that lives within it.

With that said, we’ve got a bit of a food themed Friday Morning Mashup today. I’ll be cooking up some tasty venison victuals this weekend, and hopefully after you take a look at the blog posts below, you’ll be inspired to do the same. Read on, get cooking and stay wired to hunt!

The Meat Eater Revolution – Petersen’s Hunting: The wave of new interest in hunting and cooking wild game is detailed in this great piece from Petersen’s Hunting, along with a few profiles on some of our best meat-eating ambassadors.

How Marinades Really Work – The Wild Chef: Continuing the theme of food, here’s a great article detailing the finer points of using marinades on wild game meat.

Vietnamese “Shaken” Venison – Food For Hunters: If you’re looking for a unique way to eat your venison this weekend, try “shaken venison” a Vietnamese preparation that sounds pretty darn good.

The Soul Satisfying Joy Of Eating Meat I Put On The Table – Here’s one from our archives, detailing the many joys of eating meat you yourself put on the table.

Whitetails By the Numbers: A Snapshot of Our Sport – Whitetail 365: Some interesting numbers and data related to whitetails and whitetail hunters. I’m sure you’ll find a few nuggets of surprise in this one!

The Basics of Shed Dog Training – North American Whitetail: My latest article for North American Whitetail reviews the basics of getting started training a dog to find shed antlers! As a bonus, there are some cute pics of my dog when he was just a puppy. It’s worth an open just for that!

Powderhook: New Network Connects Sportsmen With Places to Hunt and Fish – Open Country: Outdoor Life editor Andrew McKean interviews the founder of a pretty cool new site that is aiming at connecting hunters and fishermen with new places to hunt and fish.

Careers In Conservation – Rack Pack by QDMA: The QDMA’s youth focused arm – the Rack Pack- has got a great feature on careers in conservation, sharing interviews with different people making careers in the outdoor industry. Some great info and inspiration! (You might recognize a few W2H regulars in there as well!)

The Fear of Failure, A Key To Bowhunting Success – Dan Staton discusses how the fear of failure can drive you to become a better bowhunter.