I’m incredibly excited today to announce the launch of The Wired To Hunt Podcast! This is a project I’ve been wanting to put together for a long time, and finally it has become a reality. That said, first I wanted to explain, for those who aren’t familiar, what a podcast is. Most simply, a podcast is an online radio show that is available to listen to on your computer (at any time), or to be downloaded on to your smartphone or tablet for later listening. Another great feature of podcasts is that you can subscribe to them through iTunes or other podcasting program, and then receive all future episodes automatically downloaded to your computer/phone/tablet/etc. I subscribe to a lot of podcasts because, in my opinion, they are perfect for listening to on your daily commute, while at the gym, or while on a walk or run.

With that out of the way, lets talk specifically about what The Wired To Hunt Podcast is going to be about. First off, joining me on the podcast as my co-host will be my friend Dan Johnson, also known to many as “Dallas Fort Worth”. You may know him from his previous work on the White Knuckle Production DVDs and the Whitetails Inc web-show. He’s a fellow whitetail addict, and I know you’ll enjoy what he’ll be bringing to the show. Below, you can see the two of us showing off our recent shed finds.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 9.28.24 AM

As for the content of the podcast itself, as you might imagine, it’s going to be all about whitetails! Continuing in the theme of Wired To Hunt, on the podcast we’ll be discussing deer hunting news, stories and strategies. Every week we’ll have a new whitetail related topic which we’ll discuss, along with sharing lessons learned and other stories from the field. We’ll also be bringing on guests every couple weeks from the whitetail world who will be sharing their expertise and experiences.

To listen to the podcast, click the Play button in the orange bar above or click the links below to subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or Stitcher radio. Finally, if you’re enjoying the podcast – please leave us a review on iTunes. It would be incredibly helpful. Thanks!

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All that said, in short, you should expect three things from The Wired To Hunt Podcast. A lot of whitetail related education, some great deer hunting stories and a few hearty laughs along the way. Sound good? That said, lets get into the details of Episode #1.

What To Expect In Episode #1:

In our first episode, me and Dan will be introducing the Wired To Hunt Podcast and what to expect in the future, and then will share a little more about each of us. Finally, the meat and potatoes of the episode will be focused on discussing our single best and worst moments of the 2013 season, along with a few lessons learned from those experiences.

What You’ll Learn In Episode #1:

– What the W2H Podcast is all about

– Why Dan Johnson only has nine fingers (or at least part of the story …)

– The challenge of self filming hunts, and thoughts on whether it’s worth it

– Tips for better preparing yourself to handle buck fever

– Ideas and realizations about the importance of entry/exit routes and how it helped Dan Johnson have a close call with a 170 class buck

– Reminders about the importance of persistence and having a positive attitude during the season

– Much more!

Show Notes, Resources and Links From Episode #1: This section, the show notes, will be a place you can return to after listening to the podcast, where we’ll include any notes or links that we discuss during the show. For each episode, we’ll have a page like this set-up with notes that you can access by visiting wiredtohunt.com/episode1 (change the number based on what episode it was you’re looking for notes from)

– If you want to hear more about my “worst moment”, here’s a more detailed account of that hunt and what I learned –> A Missed Opportunity

– For more tips related to handling buck fever and slowing down during the shot sequence, check out this link –> Hi My Name Is Mark and I Have Buck Fever

– If you’re interested in learning more about entry/exit routes, as discussed by Dallas, I’d recommend checking out Bill Winke’s new book “Creeks & Ditches”

– Here’s the link to the film of my 2013 season/hunt for the buck I call “Six Shooter” – which also includes my Ohio miss

– I also wrote a book detailing the hunt for “Six Shooter”, which can be seen at this link

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