On Episode #2 of The Wired To Hunt Podcast we’re talking about shed hunting! In this episode we regale some of our favorite shed hunting stories, share our best shed hunting tips, and even talk about the day I fell through a frozen river while out looking for antlers this year. If you want to find more sheds, this episode is a must-listen!

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What You’ll Learn In Episode #2:

– Where the best spots to look for antlers are

– Why you need to pay special attention to fence and creek crossings

– Why Dan wants to train his daughter to go to the bathroom outside

– How the tough winter this year impacted shed hunting

– Why different perspectives can help find more antlers

– How frequent bathroom breaks can lead to finding more bone

– And finally, the story of how I crashed through a frozen river, and Dan nearly had to become an emergency first responder

Show Notes, Resources and Links

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– The Ultimate Shed Hunting Resource

– 7 Lessons Learned From My Southern Iowa Shed Hunting Adventure

– Here’s a link to a video highlight reel from this past shed hunting season, including finding that big Iowa antler we discussed, along with a few other favorites –> Just Start Walking (VIDEO)

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