By Mark Kenyon

Trail cameras are undoubtedly one of the most important tools we whitetail hunters have at our disposal. Of course they are terrific at helping us scout during the hunting season, but in my opinion, they’re just as important during the other nine months of the year. In fact, probably my favorite time of year, other than hunting season, is the summertime when velvet giants show up on camera seemingly all the time. I LOVE pulling those SD cards.

In my most recent article for North American Whitetail, I discuss how I use my cameras during the off-season and tips for getting the most out of them year round. To read that article, click the link below and then head out to get some new batteries. Before you know it, we’ll be getting trailcam pics of big velvet bucks! I can’t wait.

Your Guide To Using Trail Cameras In The Offseason – North American Whitetail