In Episode #5 of The Wired To Hunt Podcast we discuss whitetail lessons that can be learned from turkey hunting. It’s our belief that any time you get out into the woods and put yourself up against a wild animal, it will sharpen your skills as a hunter and in turn, help you out come deer season. Today we discuss topics such as calling, decoying, how deer and turkeys use terrain to their advantage and much more. And along the way we also share a couple great turkey and deer hunting stories too! You’re going to enjoy this one.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– How the 2014 turkey season has gone so far for your Wired To Hunt Podcast hosts

– How over-calling can hurt you both in turkey hunting and with deer

– When and why you should stop calling or grunting to a buck

– How to best position decoys for bucks

– How deer use all three major senses (smell, sight, sound) to outsmart hunters

– When is the best time and place to decoy

– What Dan recently learned on the National Geographic channel about baby-killing lions

– How deer and turkeys use terrain to their advantage

– Interesting insight into how we’ve both matured as hunters and learned from past years and experiences

Show Notes, Resources, Links:

– For more info on how bucks react to calls by circling downwind, check out this video – Wired To Hunt Weekly #9 – How Your Calling Strategy Can Blow Your Hunt

– Here’s a link to the article I mentioned by John Dudley regarding decoy positioning – How To Use Deer Decoys In The Rut

– And to hear the podcast episode I mentioned with John Dudley sharing his decoy story, check out Petersen’s Bowhunting Radio