By Mark Kenyon

Last week I kicked off our Friday Morning Mashup by discussing how I was excited to begin the 2014 Michigan turkey season and today I guess I can share with you how I’m a little disappointed that it has already ended!

I was blessed with good fortune on opening morning, this past Monday, and harvested a nice gobbler. I’ve now got fresh turkey in the freezer, which is a good thing, but on the downside – I’m done hunting! And it seems to have ended far too soon. While of course I’m glad I filled my tag, I am a little bummed that I only got to hunt one hour of the 14 day turkey season! I guess that’s a good problem to have though. Speaking of, in our most recent episode of The Wired To Hunt Podcast we discuss a number of different whitetail lessons that can be learned from turkey hunting, and if you missed that click here.

All that said, I hope you’re all enjoying equally as exciting springs as I am, whether you’re turkey hunting, bass fishing or working hard to prepare for deer season. If you have some free time today or this weekend and are stuck inside, we’ve got some great whitetail related reading to get you by. Enjoy the blog posts below, have a great weekend and stay wired to hunt!

The One That Got Away – Bill Winke of shares the tale of how he hunted a single buck for several years, missed it as a 4.5 year old 200″+ buck, and then later found that it had died of natural causes.

Is This the Best Shed Season Ever? – Whitetail 365: Scott Bestul contemplates whether this was the best shed season ever and several reasons why folks found so many sheds in 2014. I can say, at least for me, it was my best shed season yet!

Are We Overlooking the Biggest Threat to Deer and Deer Hunting? – Big Buck Zone: Concerns about declining whitetail populations are still top of mind for many, and in this piece Craig Dougherty raises the issue again.

Is Hunting A Hobby Like Any Other? (And Why I’m An Idiot….)  – Sole Adventure: Is hunting more than a hobby? I’d say – of course! And Mark Huelsing discusses his thoughts in this post.

Introducing O.G, Walking World Record – Here’s a quick and interesting video, which looks to be the beginning of the documentation of a possible world class buck – we’re talking well north of 200″ and possibly scorable as a typical. I’ve seen trailcam photos of this deer pop up online over the last year, and lots of rumors have followed it. But in this video, a hunter who has been chasing this buck for several years gives the real scoop on what has happened so far, and his plans for hunting this giant moving forward.

Against the Odds in Ontario – A terrific story from an avid whitetail hunter, as he discusses his journey practicing quality deer management and seeing the impact it can have.

20 Best DIY Whitetail States for 2014 – North American Whitetail: If you missed this earlier in the week, he’s my latest for North American Whitetail, in which I researched and compiled a massive data set to rank, as best as possible, the “best” states for a DIY whitetail trip.