By Mark Kenyon

A few weeks ago I was invited to be a guest on a podcast called “Ask The Hunter” with Jeff Kappel. Of course, I was happy to do it – and that episode is now live and able to be listened to!

In this episode, the main topic was supposed to be “3 tips to kill mature bucks even if you hunt public land”, but the content of our discussion ended up really covering a lot more ground. We did discuss a lot of concepts that can be applied to public land, but our conversation ranged to many other topics as well. In fact, we ended up chatting about many of the core foundations of my hunting philosophy. Overall, I think we touched on some very interesting tips and strategies, and I think many of you will find this helpful!

In the episode I discussed topics such as…

– How I use trail cameras

– My low pressure hunting philosophy

– My thoughts on the benefits of targeting mature bucks

– Tips for better stand placement

– Public land stand selection

– How to weigh the risk and reward of hunting on any given day

– How I use my “Gun Season Sanctuary” to ensure good hunting even after the main firearm season

– Why I rarely hunt October mornings

– How I time my hunts for certain areas

– How cattle on your hunting property will affect deer

– And much more!

To listen to the podcast, click the link below:

ATH 001: 3 Tips To Kill Mature Whitetail Bucks Even If You Hunt Public Ground With Mark Kenyon From Wired To Hunt


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