This week on The Wired To Hunt Podcast we’re talking about DIY whitetail trips with Bernie Barringer, the author of The Freelance Bowhunter. This episode is jam packed with great tips and ideas for planning and executing a do-it-yourself trip to go chase whitetails in a different state. So if you’ve ever wanted to chase big bucks away from home, this podcast is a must-listen!

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

– Is a DIY bowhunting whitetail trip right for you?

– What kind of expectations you should have on a out-of-state trip

– How you can make a DIY trip in a big buck state happen on a budget

– How to choose what state to travel to hunt

– How to break down a new property and choose where to hang stands and hunt

– How to  use trail cameras on an out-of-state whitetail trip

– Tips for finding affordable lodging on your trip

– Ideas for budget friendly meals while on your DIY adventure

– Tips for asking for hunting permission

– A few picks for DIY big buck sleeper states

Show Notes, Resources and Links:

– If you’d like to learn more about or purchase Bernie Barringer’s book, click here for The Freelance Bowhunter by Bernie Barringer

– Here’s a link to our full review of Bernie’s book – The Freelance Bowhunter

– As mentioned near the end of the episode, I recently had an article for North American Whitetail published in which I researched and ranked the Top 20 DIY Whitetail States. Click this link to see our rankings – Top 20 States for DIY Whitetail Trips via North American Whitetail

– Related to this same topic that we discussed today, I also wrote a guide to DIY out-of-state trips for North American Whitetail a few weeks ago. Here’s a link to that article – DIY Guide To Out-Of-State Whitetails via North American Whitetail