By Mark Kenyon

Another month down, and another month closer to deer season. For me, the month of May is usually a busy one for habitat improvements. I’ve got a lot of spraying and brush hogging to look forward to in the coming weeks, and to tell you the truth I really am looking forward to it. There’s something about being behind the wheel of an ATV or tractor, working the ground, with dreams of what might come this Fall.

In between now and then, there’s plenty to do though. And in the short term – these great whitetail related blog posts from across the web ought to hold you over. Enjoy, have an awesome weekend, and stay wired to hunt!

How to Fire Up Prairie Buck Habitat – Whitetail 365: Scott Bestul discusses the benefits of controlled burns on native grass prairie habitat.

The Micro Manager: Security Cover, Bedding Cover, and Improved Browse for $300 – Big Buck Zone: Tony Hansen purchased a small 17 acre piece of property last year and in this post he details his plan for planting new trees and shrubs to enhance whitetail habitat.

Bow Setup & Tuning – How to Tie a D-Loop – Sole Adventure: A great how-to clearly detailing how to tie a D-Loop on your bow string.

Grilled Venison Loin Recipe – Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: I tried this method for grilling a venison loin, and it turned out great! You can’t go wrong with any of Hank Shaw’s recipes.

B&C’s Monster Bucks: 20 Biggest Non-Typicals of All Time  – North American Whitetail: If you need a big buck fix, this is the ticket. The top 20 B&C non-typs, these are some giants.

Wild Game Bánh Mì Recipe – Meat Eater: A very unique Vietnamese sandwich that can be made with ground venison, kind of an asian hamburger. Looks good!