By Mark Kenyon

Earlier this year, I posted pictures on the Wired To Hunt Instagram and Facebook page, showing a very delicious and exotic looking burger (if I do say so myself). I had dubbed it the “Venison Fiesta Burger” and I had promised to share the recipe soon. That day has now come! And the timing couldn’t be any better, as it’s Cinco De Mayo! What better time to crack open a Corona and celebrate with a Mexican spin on the classic venison burger?

If you don’t have dinner plans for tonight yet, I’d highly, highly recommend fixing this one up. I’ve shared my full recipe and photos on North American Whitetail’s website today, and as I mention in the article (linked below) “with each bite, you’ll enjoy the rich and juicy burst of venison, the smooth and textured layers of refried beans, avocado and queso fresco cheese, while the vibrant accents of jalapeno, onion, lettuce and tomato saturate your palate.

Happy Cinco De Mayo and enjoy this mouth watering Mexican venison burger!

Click here –> Venison Fiesta Burger Recipe –